Founder Chairman’s Vision


No society is free from the problems. Man has to fight back the problems and find the solution to lead satisfactory life. The thought of creating an independent society inspired me to establish Jan Shikshan Sansthan at Shimoga . In 2000 Jan Shikshan Sansthan was established in Shimoga under the parent organization of Swamy Vivekananda Vidya Samsthe (R.), Shikaripura.

It is my pleasure to state that the resolution of eradicating the problem of unemployment in Shimoga motivated me to establish JSS. And so far, our association has also been able to reach the predetermined goals successfully. Co-operation and mutual help are necessary for the progress of any association. JSS at Shimoga which is working with the assistance of government and non-government agencies is moving ahead to improve the vocational skill and entrepreneurship capacity of the youths in Shimoga.

I am very proud to announce that JSS has been doing much for the empowerment of women. Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. Along with providing career guidance to the youth. JSS is also motivating the beneficiaries of such programme to establish the local units of production. Man power and material sources are the strengths of JSS. One more progressive step taken by JSS is the establishment of “Koushalya Darshini” which provides the market for the finished products.

In the ten years of the rapid growth of JSS at Shimoga , it has been able to cover 64 centers in entire District. JSS provides special orientation about the market management techniques and also helps in preparing the project proposals. JSS is also planning to initiate the programmes which have the dual vision of encouraging the literacy and vocational skills. For the further development of JSS, we are looking forward for the financial assistance. We are also expecting the building facility for the JSS enterpreneurs from the district authority. “Help the needy to achieve the Socio-Economic status” is the motto of JSS.

My hearty thanks to the Minister of Human Resource Development, Department of Primary Education and Literacy and the Government of India for giving me an opportunity to serve the community to serve the prople as their needs. My sincere thanks to the Director and the staff of JSS for their Co-operation and wish them a warm success in their service for the Community.